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Burger mit Käsefüllung -Juicy Lucy Burger Kaesefuellung-Ein Juicy Lucy Burger ist ein Burger, bei dem sich der Käse im Patty statt auf dem Patty befindet. Der Käse im Inneren des Hackfleisches schmilzt beim Grillen und sorgt so für eine wahre Geschmacksexplosion beim Hineinbeissen. Juicy Lucy Burger Bei einem Juicy Lucy Burger wird frisch gewolftes Rinderhackfleisch verwendet, da es mit Käse gefüllt […]

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London broil is an elusive, mysterious meat. For starters, it’s neither from London, nor is it broiled. It lives in our collective imagination, but there is no such cut on a steer—even though your local supermarket might sell pre-packaged beef labeled “London Broil.”

The legendary James Beard claimed the term “London broil” first appeared in print in 1931 in Philadelphia, and in the early days, referred to flank steak. Today, you are likely to see any thick, lean cut labeled London broil, including top or bottom round, sirloin, or less often, flank steak or tri-tip. (Flank steak and tri-tip have come into their own in recent years, forging a popular identity with chefs and home cooks alike.)

I’d argue that London broil is a method of grilling and carving a thick steak, not a particular cut of meat. The steaks tend to be tough, yet flavorful. The real genius in London broil lies in the way you slice it; sharply on the diagonal against the grain to minimize the length of the meat fibers. This makes a tough cut tender, and it gives you broad, meaty slices that seared on the outside, delectably rare on the inside, and that look drop-dead delicious carpeting your plate.

London broil should never be cooked much beyond medium-rare, or it will be too tough. A thin cut can be direct grilled. But for a thicker cut, I prefer a two-zone fire: Sear the meat on the hottest part of the grill grate, then move it to the cooler side of the grill to finish cooking. Use an accurate meat thermometer to gauge the temperature.

Some references to London broil indicate the meat should be marinated before cooking, and that is good advice. Not because marinades tenderize meat—they don’t really penetrate the fibers deeply enough to do that—but they’re a wonderful way to add flavor. In my book How to Grill, you’ll find a recipe for Ginger-Soy London Broil. You can find other marinade options in Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades.

Today, I’m sharing a recipe that was given to me by a California grill master I met years ago, Rodolfo Lagua. His Pinoy-style marinade will become, I predict, one of your favorites. Be sure to let the meat marinate for at least 6 hours, or even overnight.

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What’s your favorite marinade to use with London Broil? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the Barbecue Board!

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Lots of people swear by charcoal or wood fires for cooking low and slow. After all, cooking low and slow is officially barbecuing, as opposed to the fast, high heat method of grilling. And low and slow is definitely the best way to tackle big cuts and food that needs some extra care. Think ribs, brisket, pork shoulders, whole chickens or turkeys, and more.

Here’s the secret: you don’t have to have a charcoal smoker or wood-fired grill to cook low & slow. You can barbecue just about anything you want, at a slow pace, at a low temperature, and add smoke too, right on your gas grill. And it will be delicious!

For one example, just look at the brisket pictured with this article: it was cooked with Blue Rhino propane on a gas grill, and it was fabulous.

Give it a try! Learning how to grill low and slow on your gas grill is easy. First, navigate to our Grilling Tips & Techniques pages and read up on indirect grilling and smoking. There are also many great resources on other grilling websites. Then try one of the many recipes at All-American Pork Baby Back Ribs, Beer Baby Back Ribs, Rosemary Garlic Chicken, Beer Can Chicken, or Beef Brisket on a Gas Grill. It will take time, but it will be fun and rewarding.

Happy grilling!

What’s your favorite recipe to cook on a gas grill? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the Barbecue Board!

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Connaissez-vous iQue ? Il s’agit d’une filiale créée par Nintendo pour commercialiser des versions modifiées de ses jeux et consoles sur le territoire chinois. Des réglementations rendaient les jeux-vidéos interdits en Chine, il était donc important pour BigN de créer iQue. iQue, également connue sous le nom de Shenyou Technologies, commercialise depuis 2002 des consoles et jeux, comme cette version spéciale de la Nintendo 64 qui se trouve dans la manette qu’il faut brancher à un téléviseur. Il s’agissait d’un pas important pour une société de jeux-vidéo, car Nintendo arrivait à se faire de l’argent dans un domaine où tous les autres concurrents habituels comme Xbox ou PlayStation étaient inexistants.   Et puis, quelques années plus tard, iQue entre dans […]

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Frittierte Hähnchenschenkel -KFC Chicken frittierte Haehnchenschenkel-KFC Chicken – Rezept für frittiertes Hähnchen aus dem Wok! Wer liebt es nicht, das frittierte Hühnchen von “Colonel” Sanders, der im Jahre 1930 sein goldgelb frittiertes Geflügel mit der geheimen Gewürzrezeptur erstmals verkaufte. Wir haben uns auf die Spur der geheimen Gewürzmischung gemacht und herausgekommen ist unsere eigenes KFC style Chicken. KFC Chicken Mittlerweile […]

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Watch Full Movie Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (2019)

Biermarinade für Grillfleisch -Biermarinade Nackensteaks-Unsere Biermarinade sorgt für saftiges und aromatisches Grillfleisch! Egal ob Nackensteaks, Bauchfleisch, Schweinerücken, Rind oder Geflügel – mit unserer würzigen Kellerbiermarinade schmeckt dein Grillfleisch deutlich besser! Biermarinade aus Kellerbier Das Thema Marinaden ist bisher auf BBQPit deutlich zu kurz gekommen, denn es gibt bislang keine einzeige Marinade auf unserer Webseite. Das wollen wir natürlich ändern […]

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Download Movie Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Wood is the premier fuel for grilling, whether you burn mesquite to grill a steak in Texas, hickory to roast a pork shoulder in the Carolinas, alder to perfume salmon in the Pacific Northwest, or pimento (allspice) wood to cook authentic Jamaican jerk.

The discovery of fire by our earliest ancestors was a major turning point in human evolution. Wood’s importance as a cooking fuel has been recognized for millennia, and still dominates the grilling in South America, Europe, Africa, and beyond.   In this country, outdoor cooking was nearly always done over wood. It wasn’t until after WWII that Americans began their love affair with charcoal (thanks to the resourcefulness of Henry Ford), and in the 1950s, with propane.

Today, wood fire grilling is enjoying a renaissance. During the past few years, many high-end restaurants have added spectacular wood-burning grills to their kitchens with thrilling results. Now, serious home cooks are doing the same thing in their outdoor kitchens.

The World’s First Hybrid Grill

On the leading edge of this trend is Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, a custom grill manufacturer that 20 years ago, introduced the world’s first hybrid grill, capable of cooking with wood, gas and charcoal.  According to Kalamazoo, this Hybrid Fire Grill “is designed, engineered and built to outperform and outlast any other professional gas grill.” I first became acquainted with this 450-pound stainless steel stunner (its burners are made of cast bronze) when one was delivered to Barbecue University. Students’ jaws dropped when they saw it. Capable of reaching temperatures of 1000 degrees or more when fueled by wood or charcoal, it’s been called “the Rolls Royce” of grills. Indeed. Hand-crafted in Kalamazoo, Michigan, it carries the signature of each artisan who worked on it.

Kalamazoo - Hybrid Grill with Drawer Open

Gaucho Grill

Another high achiever in the Kalamazoo line is the Gaucho Grill, a wood-fired Argentinean-style grill and rotisserie. Perhaps you’ve seen the free-standing version of the Gaucho on my shows, Project Smoke and Project Fire. You build a wood fire in this handsome stainless steel behemoth, then raise or lower the grill grate aided by a 30-inch spoked flywheel. A motorized rotisserie spit functions independent of the grill grate and can accommodate an incredible load of meat. There is not another wood-burning grill on the planet quite like it.

The Gaucho also incorporates a gas burner to get the wood fire off to a roaring start—a handy feature.

Best Wood for Grilling

So which wood should you use?

A lot of ink has been spilled (some of it mine) about which wood smoke goes best with particular meats or seafood. Some people go to great lengths to match particular woods to foods—for example, apple with pork or cherry with chicken—with the zeal of oenophiles matching wines to specific dishes. (Personally, I think the wood variety matters less than how you burn it. I’m not positive I could discern the difference between pork shoulders cooked over two different fruitwoods.)

Wood burning in gaucho

For the purpose of grilling, wood can be divided into two general categories: forest woods and orchard woods. The former includes nut woods like hickory, pecan, and oak, and wild woods like maple and alder. The latter includes fruitwoods like the afore-mentioned apple and cherry, as well as peach, pear, and mulberry. Of course, there are exotic woods, too. Among them are camphor wood, used for smoking in China, and pimento wood from Jamaica’s allspice tree. Traditionally, people grilled with the wood(s) prevalent in their area. (Note: Softwoods like pine, evergreens, spruce, etc., are not often used for smoking—they put out too much soot.)

Why Wood is My Favorite Fuel

Why is wood my favorite fuel for grilling and barbecuing? First, there’s the flavor-boosting caramelization that takes place in meats and plant sugars when food is cooked over the high, dry heat of a wood fire. And the fragrant smoke released when you burn wood enhances the flavor even more. It turns out there are nearly 1000 flavor-producing compounds in wood smoke. Among them are creosol (associated with the smoky peat flavor of Scotch whisky), and vanillin (source of a vanilla-like sweetness in smoke).   Flavor production peaks during pyrolysis (conversion of the lignin in the wood to flavorful gasses).   This takes between 450 and 750 degrees F—the temperature sweet spot of a wood-burning fire.

The chief challenge to grilling over wood is heat control.   To increase or decrease the heat on an Argentinean-style grill like the Gaucho, for example, simply raise or lower the grill grate with the flywheel.

When wood grilling in a fixed grate grill, like the Hybrid Fire Grill, build a multi-zone fire.   Regulate the heat by moving the food closer to or further away from the heat.

For more information on the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire and Gaucho grills, visit   And order a copy of the stunning Food + Fire by my friend and Kalamazoo’s grill designer, Russ Faulk.

Delicious Recipes from Food + Fire by Russ Faulk:


What’s your favorite recipe to cook on a wood fire grill? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the Barbecue Board!

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Watch Movie Online Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Après une campagne de financement participatif réussie en 2016, Knights and Bikes s’est enfin trouvé une date de sortie précise. C’est le 27 août 2019, un mardi, que ce jeu d’action/aventure peint à la main sortira sur PlayStation 4 et PC, uniquement en dématérialisé. Derrière Knights and Bikes se cachent Rex Crowle (directeur créatif de Tearaway chez Media Molecule) et Moo Yu (gameplay programmer sur Ratchet & Clank ainsi que sur LittleBigPlanet). Ces gaillards ne sont cependant pas les seuls à œuvrer sur le titre puisque Kenny Young (aussi de chez Media Molecule) a planché sur le design sonore tandis que Daniel Pemberton (qui a composé pour LittleBigPlanet ou le film d’animation Spider-Man : New Generation) s’est vu attribuer le […]

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Gust et Koei Tecmo diffusent une nouvelle vidéo de deux minutes dévoilant un peu plus Atelier Ryza : Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout. L’occasion de faire un petit tour du propriétaire en (re)découvrant quelques protagonistes de l’histoire, des environnements et différentes phases de gameplay allant de la baston à la récolte. Bande-annonce de Atelier Ryza : Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout C’est le 1er novembre prochain qu’Atelier Ryza : Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout sortira chez nous sur PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch et PC (via Steam).

Cet article Une nouvelle bande-annonce pour Atelier Ryza est apparu en premier sur PXLBBQ – Pixel Barbecue.

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Streaming Full Movie Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019)

Imbiss Mosel -Moselimbiss Pommern-Den Moselimbiss in Pommern besuchte ich auf der Durchreise und war äußerst positiv überrascht. Pommerner Spießbraten und grobe Bratwurst vom Metzger sind hier die Spezialität. Moselimbiss in Pommern Ich schreibe ja gelegentlich über meine kulinarischen Erfahrungen mit Barbecue- und Burgerrestaurants. Dass ich mal positiv über eine Imbissbude berichte, hätte ich selber nicht für möglich gehalten. […]

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Download and Watch Movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Here’s a fact about me some of you may not know: In addition to being a food writer and TV host, I also wrote a novel.

Well, here’s another fact you may not know—one of the most frustrating things about being an author is that you don’t always get to choose your book’s title. I originally called my novel The Hermit of Chappaquiddickthe name of its main characterThe publisher insisted on the more neutral—dare I say bland—title, Island Apart. 

So for the new Amazon edition of my novel—available both as an e-book on Kindle and as a printed book, I went back to my original title.  It’s the same story of love, loss, and redemption. But now with the title I always dreamed of.  Plus a bonus chapter that didn’t make it into the original book—the backstory of one of my favorite supporting characters: Sheila.

As the title suggests, the story takes place on a tiny island steeped in history and controversy: Chappaquiddick.   Attached to, but very separate from Martha’s Vineyard, it’s also the island where, for the last 20 years, I have spent my summers and falls.

The idea for the story came to me when we started building our house.   It percolated for 10 years before I actually started writing it.   I knew there would be a hermit—a quiet man with a secret, who lived off the land and apart from others.   I knew there would be a New York book editor—a kind and gracious woman with a serious illness—who would spend a year on Chappaquiddick trying to recover.   I knew she would have a rebellious daughter with a biker boyfriend, a big-hearted best friend, a tyrannical boss, and a coterie of colorful neighbors on her newfound New England island home.   Oddly, I also knew the story would also involve the real-life iconoclastic psychotherapist, Wilhelm Reich.

Writing is a mysterious process.   The day the words The Hermit of Chappaquiddick popped into my head, I knew how the story would begin and how it would end.   I just didn’t know what would happen along the way.   But I knew there would be a lot of great food and that cooking would bring everyone together.

You may be surprised to find that, while this is definitely a foodie love story, you won’t find any barbecue.   This was deliberate: most of you know me through my books and TV shows about smoke and fire.   I wanted you to see another side of me as a writer.   However, I assure you, the next novel will definitely involve barbecue.   So will the next cookbook, which I’m working on already.

Likewise, while there’s a lot of great food in The Hermit of Chappaquiddick, there are no recipes.   Again, I wanted this book judged as a novel, not a cookbook.   But you will find recipes for many of the dishes the Hermit and Claire cook:

I hope you enjoy reading The Hermit of Chappaquiddick as much as I enjoyed writing it.   And now, to whet your appetite as it were, see below for an excerpt from the first few chapters.

Steven Raichlen
Chappaquiddick Island

Read An Excerpt of The Hermit of Chappaquiddick

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